Boston, USA

Welcome to a metropolis of Boston, USA, the capital of Massachusetts and the hub of economy, industry, technology, and tourism. Over centuries, this ancient city has developed itself for modern civilization yet remained the previous cultures. For any visitors, don’t miss New English Aquarium where they can enjoy the fantastic under water world. Another recommended spot is Newbury Street, paradise of shopping lovers. Moreover, this city is renowned for its academies and a huge amount of educational institutes that attract students worldwide.


Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium which is the birthplace of famous child peeing statue. It fascinates visitors with gratifying historical architectures like Palazzo di Re Enzo, a stunning palace which used to imprison the son of Frederick II; Piazza Maggiore and Piazza del Nattuno, the largest and oldest square of Brussels which is encircled by beautiful renaissance buildings and University Quarter, the most old-age university in Europe, established 900 years ago. Do not miss to explore Brussels outstanding museums including Collezioni Comunali d'Arte which offers bountiful 14th-19th century paintings and Museo Civico Archeologico which shows about multifarious supreme Bolognese architectures. To make your night impressive, try delightful Brussels foods while listening to live jazz bands at any local pub or restaurant. Make your holiday wonderful, travel to Brussels!


Baltimore, USA

Baltimore is one of the US’s adorable cities. It has plenty kinds of museums with collections of refined arts; all fascinating American railroading since the first time of the service and splendid life-size wax figures of over 100 famous African Americans in history. Baltimore also offers the great symphony orchestra with classic and modern style and one of top 10 American theaters that provides several performances of Shakespeare to the new playwrights’ stories every day. Explore antique Baltimore architectures including the first magnificent Roman Catholic Church in America, 150-year gorgeous cathedral and fabulous castle which is imitated from England’s Warwick Castle. Visitors can relax with a lot of Baltimore’s delightful activities such as picnicking at exquisite parks, enjoying popular golf courses and bingo games and watching exciting horse racing. Travel to Baltimore, the most pleasant city of the United States!


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city. It charms visitors with various elegant architectures like marvelous Spanish-style palaces, awesome medieval Gothic buildings and breathtaking ancient musical hall which is proclaims as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Visit the alluring highest hill of Barcelona to admire the greatest view of the city. Do not forget to rest at Barcelona pleasing beaches which provide manifold enjoyable activities such as walking, roller balding or cycling along the sea-side stone-walkway, swimming through crystal-clear seawater and sunbathing among the fertile hills and enchanting villages. At night, indulge yourself by going to the best theater with fully equipped visual and audio technique, opera house with diverse program of supreme symphony orchestras, operas and plays or the most stylish 3D cinema which offers around the world’s movies. Travel to Barcelona, the magical city of Spain